Experience safe, humane net gun animal capture when you buy from the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of live animal capture equipment. 


Net Guns

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Ace Capture is all about effective net gun animal capture. Our units allow you to catch most animals safely. Unlike many of our competitors, we produce net guns for capturing large and small animals, from elk through to birds. We also make custom units for capturing even bigger animals.

Ace Capture’s different net gun configurations enable you to capture animals in a wide variety of situations. These include the golf course, airport, garden, farm or wilderness. We match net gun type to net weight and mesh size for every customer. This ensures you get the solution you need.

We also provide net guns for drone capture and law enforcement.

Every net gun we sell is made up specifically for you and we check it by hand before it leaves our shop.


Mass and Corral Capture

Ace Capture mass live animal capture

At Ace Capture we’ve created an electronic gate closure technology to remotely pen or corral animals. This unit is suitable for both herbivores and carnivores. It’s also ideal for capturing a large number of animals from a distance. Electronic gate closures are low-stress, highly efficient and safe, especially in situations where customers can’t regularly check a pen.


Who are we?

Nelson Collie of Ace Capture net guns

Established as a sister company to Status Guns and Engineering, Ace Capture specializes in net guns and high-quality equipment for humane animal capture.

Based in New Zealand, we have agents in Australia and the United States. We also ship net guns and animal capture equipment worldwide.