Ace Capture handheld net guns

Ace Capture’s handheld net gun animal catcher was the first unit we designed for animal control and capture. Back in the early 1980s red deer capture for domestication was lucrative and operators needed net guns that could be used from a helicopter or moving vehicle. Our handheld units were created to allow flexibility when catching fast-moving targets in a fast-moving situation. Over the years we’ve adapted them for use on all kinds of animals from geese to feral dogs and elk. They’ve also proven effective on human targets and drones.

Ace Canister-Switch Net Gun

Handheld canister-switch net gun with short stock
Handheld canister-switch net gun with short stock

The Ace canister-switch net gun is our standard and most cost-effective unit. It’s well-suited for capturing individual animals and larger birds when needed. Conservation departments, city authorities and airports often start with this net gun.

The canister-switch net gun has a detachable net canister that can be replaced with a pre-packed canister straight after firing. As soon as this is done, the unit is ready to fire again.

The canister-switch net gun has the same high quality and safety standards as the Breakaway Net Gun but is slightly slower to reload.

As with our other net guns, the size of the canister on this unit is matched to the net size required for the target animal. It comes with either a long or short stock depending on customer need. Pricing is identical for all canister sizes and stocks.

This unit comes with one canister, but we can supply as many as necessary when you purchase.

canister switch net gun WITH convertible STOCK: US$4100.00
Additional NET/canister/RETAINER set: US$970.00


Ace breakaway net gun

Ace Capture breakaway net gun with three barrel/canister/net sets
Breakaway net gun with three barrel/canister/net sets

The Ace Capture breakaway net gun system is by far the fastest way of achieving fast multiple shots from the same net gun. The system is typically used for catching deer from a helicopter in combination with a follow truck or other vehicle. Each animal is captured individually. However, with the breakaway system’s fast reload times, an experienced team can catch a large number of animals in a single run.

The breakaway net gun system allows the net gun’s firing mechanism to be quickly detached from an entire barrel/canister unit and attached to another barrel/canister unit. The system differs from the ‘Canister-switch net gun’ in the way the net gun breaks for reloading. For an experienced operator, time between shots can be less than five seconds.

For extended rapid firing, net canisters can also be quickly removed from the barrel sets and replaced with pre-packed canisters by one operator while another continues to shoot.

As an example of how this net gun system is used, a typical ensemble for a helicopter capture team would be one breakaway net gun, three or four barrel/canister net sets and around ten detachable canisters pre-packed with nets for recharging the barrel/canister sets after they’ve been fired.

This unit comes with a single net/barrel/canister set. Additional sets can be ordered on purchase or at any time.

breakaway net gun with convertible stock: US$5160.00
Additional net/barrel/canister sets: US1310.00


Additional Ace net gun components

All units come with everything needed for operation. Spare components can be ordered separately if required.

Spare net with weights (approx dep. on size): US$755.00
Spare canister: $195.00
Spare plastic net gun weight with trace: US$26.00

Spare Steel net gun weight with trace: US$85.00
Spare lycra net gun retainer: US$20.00