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To buy a net gun or mass capture device you need to contact us direct, or select one of our sales agents if you’re based in Australia or the United States. Sales for all other territories go through our head office in New Zealand.

We are happy to advise on the best net gun to buy and can provide a quote. You can also see indicative pricing if you browse our net guns and mass animal capture pages. All charges are in American dollars.

NZ & World Sales

Ace Capture Equipment Ltd
127 Yarrow Street
Invercargill (Head office)

Phone (+64) 3 214 4641
Fax (+64) 3214 4640

Sales Australia

National Animal Handling and Husbandry
16 Madgwick Drive
Armidale, NSW 2350

Phone (+61) 437 008 081

Sales United States 

Wildlife Capture Services LLC
PO Box 334 2558 Mesa Trail
Flagstaff AZ 86002

Phone (+1) 928 527 7972


Where do you ship to?

We ship all products worldwide.

How much is shipping?

International shipping varies but is approximately NZ$300.

How long can I expect my delivery to take?

Ace Capture manufactures every purchase to order. Production and delivery times vary depending on the purchase. We can advise what to expect when you contact us.

Where do I find your pricing?

Pricing can be found on individual products but you can access a full list of products and pricing below.


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