Choosing the best net gun or other animal capture equipment

Which is the best net gun? Every Ace Capture net gun is built specifically for each customer. This means we match the unit to the animal you want to capture and your individual needs.

Ace Capture considers three criteria when suggesting equipment:

Animal size

Flocking birds It’s usually best to catch large animals using larger nets with wider mesh. These nets need a large unit to launch them so this is what we recommend.

Small animals are usually captured with smaller nets which have narrow mesh. Nets like this can be launched with a smaller net gun. However net size for small animals can vary. A large, light, fine-meshed net plus a large net gun works well for targeting groups of birds on the ground together.

Animal behaviour and situation

To catch large, timid or aggressive animals effectively and safely, we recommend a remote-triggering system. This is available on the suspended net launcher and the mounted horizontal launching net gun. Remote triggering prevents the operator from scaring away the animal. It also means the animal will be safely immobile and relaxed before the operator comes in contact with it.

Groups of grounded animals such as migratory birds or pigeons can be targeted effectively using a horizontal-launching unit.

Herd animals moving together are best captured with the Ace Capture electronic gate latch. This is also a low-stress option for the target animals.

Medium to large animals that need to be chased – like feral dogs or geese in airports – are ideal targets for handheld net guns.


Many organisations need an animal capture technique which can be used safely by a number of people when problems come up. Examples include when geese disrupt airport schedules, or feral dogs need to be captured by a city authority. Our fixed handheld net gun or horizontal-launching pigeon gun are both good choices here.

For people who do animal capture full time or in more challenging situations we recommend our suspended units or breakaway net gun system.


Contact us for more information and specific suggestions about the right net gun for your needs.