About Ace capture equipment

Ace Capture: net gun manufacturer

Ace Capture is a specialist net gun manufacturer and designer. We produce high-quality net guns and mass capture equipment for safe, humane live animal capture. In fact, we’ve been helping people catch all kinds of animals for more than 40 years. 

Ace Capture is based in Invercargill, New Zealand and shares a premises with Status Guns and Engineering. Master gunsmith Nelson Collie runs both businesses.

Ace Capture’s philosophy

As a leading net gun manufacturer, we prefer to ‘do it once and do it right’. Therefore, we design and make all Ace Capture equipment to meet strict safety and usability standards. 

Quality, reliability and durability

Unlike many of our competitors, we specifically design our net guns to be used effectively on both large and small animals. From elk to birds, we have something that works for every animal capture situation.

Our products are thoroughly tested after manufacture. This is so important to us that Nelson still personally checks every piece of equipment before it leaves the shop. When net guns are used to capture animals which can inflict injury, testing is essential for safety. We’ve never had a unit fail in the field due to faulty workmanship. 

Once you’ve handled our gear you’ll see the quality that our clients rely on.

Tailored net gun manufacture 

Our customisable system matches the type of animal that you need to capture with the best gun type, net weight, net size and mesh size.

Net guns can be mounted, handheld or suspended. They fire nets either vertically or horizontally and are triggered by the animal, the user or remotely by radio. The best gun for you will depend on several different factors, including animal size, aggression, habitat and how close you can get to them.

Once we select the best gun type for your needs, we match net weight and sizing to the size of the animal you need to capture.

We customise each gun and net combination to make sure every client gets an animal capture solution that fits their unique situation.

Innovative design

We’re always interested in creating new solutions for specific animal capture scenarios. We enjoy building new net gun techology from scratch and welcome suggestions that will improve our products.

If you have an animal capture problem and you can’t find a solution, contact us. We would love to help you.