Capture groups of animals

Ace Capture radio control unit

Mass animal capture or corralling is an efficient, low-stress way to catch a group of herd animals at the same time.

For effective mass animal capture, we’ve created the Ace Capture radio-controlled electronic gate latch system. We recommend radio-activated capture because it avoids trip wires and other animal-operated gate closing systems which can frighten timid animals.

The Ace Capture gate latch is designed to work with a pen or cage you already own. The latch is made to measure and mounted on your enclosure. When your target animals move inside, you activate the latch remotely. This allows the gate to swing or fall shut behind the animals.

Radio-controlled ACTIVATION

Our gate latch technology uses the same radio control system as suspended net guns and other Ace Capture remote firing systems. This means a single radio control unit can be used with multiple Ace Capture equipment. If you have more than one unit which you’d like to use with a radio control system, let us know when you order.

Radio controlled gate trap or gate closer: US$1665.00


Capturing groups of small animals

If you need to capture a flock of birds or other animals that group together on the ground, one of our horizontal launching net guns may suit best.