Ace Suspended Net Gun Tutorials

By the end of the four video tutorials and instructions below you should be able to assemble the Ace Suspended Net Gun with Radio-Controlled Firing safely and fire it with confidence.

Please note: we recommend that you test-fire the net gun at least once, to familiarise yourself with how it functions before you use in the field.

Before you start

All Ace products come flat-packed to reduce volume for shipping so some assembly is required.

Some components needed to operate the net gun are sourced locally by our customers, either because items cannot be shipped internationally or because they are tools you should already have access to.  If you have any queries, please contact us.

Each radio-controlled suspended net gun pack contains the following:

  • Net, center marker ribbon & net retainer
  • 4 x net weights
  • 4 x barrels
  • Safety pin and line
  • Firing mechanism
  • Pulley
  • Radio transmitter remote control 
  • Radio control receiver and connectors
  • Manifold with chamber cap
  • Net Canister
  • Velcro strip for battery (see list below)


You will need to source the following yourself:

  • 30 meters of non-stretch rope with a diameter of 8-10mm
  • Something to cut the rope
  • A 4m ladder
  • A 12 Volt battery pack. We recommend the AT1212 Amp-Tech Valve Regulated Lead Acid AGM battery

Depending on your location you may also need to source blank cartridges made to our specifications. We will confirm at purchase and assist if needed.


1) Basic Assembly

Before you head into the field, we recommend that you assemble the core mechanism. 

Step 1: Attach the barrels to the manifold

The first step is to screw the barrels to the manifold.

Step 2: Attach the canister to the Manifold

Once the barrels are firmly in place, attach the net canister. Screw the bolt in and tighten with a socket or spanner.

2) Pack the net

We prefer to pack the net in the field but this can also be done before you leave. The net needs to be packed so that the weights do not cross. If the weights are crossed, this causes the net to twist during firing and your animal may escape. To avoid this happening, please follow the instructions below.

Pro Tip:

Remember to keep the black chamber cap in place as you pack the net. This prevents debris from entering the chamber and interfering with the firing process.


Step 1: Locate the center of the net and create a ‘W’ shape 

Lay the net on the ground and pick it up by the center. Then walk back, dragging the net to form a ‘W’ shape.

Step 2: Pack the net into the canister, keeping the ‘W’ shape as you pack 

As you pack, use an overhand movement and keep the four points of the ‘W’ distinct on the ground in front of the canister.

Step 3: Insert the weights into the barrels

To avoid the weights crossing and the net twisting when you fire the net gun, you need to insert the two weights in the middle of the ‘W’ into the barrels closest to you. The two outside weights go into the barrels farthest away. Once that’s done, position the net cap so that the net and weights are held in place.

3) prepare to suspend the net gun

Step 1:

  • Locate two mature trees 10-15 apart
  • Loop one end of the nylon rope around a sturdy branch about 4m from the ground
  • Tie with a non-slip knot


Step 2:

  • Thread a length of rope through the eyelet on the pulley. This needs to be long enough to go around the trunk of the tree
  • Tie the pulley to the trunk or a sturdy branch on the other tree
  • Thread the main section of rope through the pulley so the rope runs between the two trees


Step 3:

  • Take the trailing end of the rope and tie it off to the same tree or another adjacent tree so that the length running between the two trees rests approximately 1.5m from the ground. This will enable you to set up the net gun before adjusting the height for firing.


4) Position, load & fire the net gun

As the net gun will be able to fire after it is loaded, please follow the instructions below carefully to avoid the net gun accidentally discharging. If someone is hit by a weight during firing this will result in injury.

Step 1: Suspend the net gun, remove the chamber cap & position the radio receiver and battery 

Clip the net gun to the rope. Then remove the dirt cap over the firing mechanism and keep this safe for later. After the cap is removed, the radio receiver and battery can be positioned on the velcro strips provided.

Step 2: load the firing mechanism & insert the safety pin

Place a blank cartridge made to our specifications into the chamber as shown in the video. Then screw the firing mechanism over the top. Once that’s done, insert the safety pin into the brass fitting at the top of the firing mechanism and make sure the safety pin string is unraveled to its full length. The safety pin prevents the net gun from firing accidentally while you connect the radio control mechanism. Do not skip this step as being hit by a net gun weight during firing is dangerous.

Step 3: connect the receiver & battery, then open the safety pin

Once the safety pin is in position, you can safely connect the battery and radio controller. Connect the leads to the terminals as shown in the video. Then open but do not remove the safety pin.

Step 4: Raise the net gun into position, remove the safety pin & fire

Now that the net gun is loaded and connected to the radio controller, it should be raised to approximately 2.5 to 3m from the ground, to enable the net to open fully when the gun is fired. When the gun is in position, the operator should retreat to a safe distance and pull the safety pin out using the attached line.

The net gun can now be fired safely using the remote control, as long as the operator is at least 1.5m further away than the reach of the weights. To calculate reach, divide the length of the net (in meters) by 2 and add 2m. For a 4x4m net, the safe firing distance is 4m. For an 8x8m net, the safe firing distance is 6m.

Questions or comments?